Women Empowerment

Formation Training for Women in Self Help Groups


Forming Self Help Groups (SHGs) among women and Training members for improving social integration, mutual cooperation and self reliance, thrift management and confidence.


Entrepreneurship & Vocational Skill Development Training

  • Providing Entrepreneurial and Vocational Skill Development Training for improving income generation by self and group employment.
  • Accessing Micro-Credit support from banks for investing small business and improving small business by self and group employment

Capacity & Leadership Training


Conducting Capacity Building Training for women leaders & members in SHGs for strengthening women hood for development and security against Violence.

Adolescent Life Skill Awareness Camps

Conducting Awareness and Counseling Camps for the Adolescent Girls for improving personal / menstrual hygiene and redressing physical and mental stress, highlighting education in life and security measures against sex abuse and violence.

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Basic Amenities Accessed

Training provided to lobby local body and Govt. personnel for accessing basic amenities on Housing, Owning Land, Drinking Water Facility, Toilet and Sanitary Facility, Street Light and Road and Seeking Social Security Benefits from Government Schemes and Plans.

Over 900 poor women are grouped into SHGs every year and over 4,500 men, women and children are indirectly benefited.

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Mahalir Thittam - Women Empowerment Project

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Supported by Tamil Nadu Corporation for Development of Women Limited, Government of Tamil Nadu.

Towards Rural & Urban Women Empowerment and poverty alleviation

  • Implementing activities for exclusive need for women empowerment under Mahalir Thittam in Madurai Corporation in Madurai District
  • Forming SHG Groups among women and providing SHG Training.
  • Conducting Animators and Representative Training for sustainable functioning of SHGs.
  • Conducting Entrepreneurship and Vocational Skill Development Training for income generating self employment activities.
  • Training for accessing basic amenities and benefits from Government Plans and Schemes.
  • Micro Credit Linkage with banks is arranged for supporting SHGs members for starting and improving micro business.
  • Block Level Coordinating Committee (BLCC) meeting a month among coordinators in SHGs for updating information on successful activities of other SHGs and for sustainable functioning of SHGs, inviting Government heads and Bank Managers as resource persons.
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Micro Credit Linkage support from Banks to Women in SHGs.
  • Micro-Credit lending is floated to SHG members after 6 months of group formation.
  • Orientation on Micro Credit lending system is imparted to the members, insisting 100% repayment.
  • SHGs members on their best performance of depositing savings in banks are supported with micro credit lending by banks, enabling them to start new income generating for activities and to improve existing small business and their daily income, avoiding private borrowings.
  • SHGs are guided to avail Government loan facility with subsidy.
  • The SHG members under Mahalir Thittam have the benefit of ATM with the Bank on Bio-Metric system.
Highlight of Self Help Group (SHGs) Developed by MNEC

SHG Formed


SHG Members – Women


Total Savings

Rs.  7  Crores

Bank Loan Availed

Rs.  18 crores (Average)