Adolescent Girls Health

Care and Hygiene Awareness Program implemented Young girls between the age of 12 and 18 were mobilized and grouped at respective wards at urban slums and rural areas and oriented on Menstrual Hygiene / Mental Stress / Treatment , Sanitary Napkin usage and advantage, Personal Hygiene - Hand Washing, Nail Cutting, Drinking Plenty of safe water, Anemia & Nutrition

Community Health Care and Employment for Women Programs

Malnutrition, Anemia & Nutrition, Reproductive Mothers and Children Care - Pre/Post and Neonatal Awareness, Mother feeding & Family Planning , Prevention on HIV/AIDs and Community Care on People Living with AIDs, Avoiding Open defecation, Constructing and using toilets, Environmental Cleanliness, Immunization and Polio Drops to children.

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30 Slum women were trained and they have been serving as Community Health Workers for neighbors at slums, providing health care guidance at 30 slums.